Business Fibre Pricing

Features and Benefits

A secure and robust network provides for reliable connectivity with a 99% operational uptime guarantee. Fibre services are fully customisable and can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Easily upgradable
  • Higher bandwidth capabilities
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime, highly reliable
  • Faster – up to 1,000 Mbps (Gigabit) per second
  • Immune to interference
  • Less vulnerable to theft and corrosion
  • Future proof and versatile
  • Fail-over option for increased redundancy
  • Run multiple applications such as voice and data over a single connection, hassle-free
  • Fully uncapped and synchronous Internet
  • Uncontended bandwidth
  • 1 public IP included
  • Up to 13 public IP’s available on request
    (Charges may apply, motivation required)
  • Temporary licensed frequency microwave technology link available as an interim solution while Fibre is being deployed (Line of sight dependent)

Corporate Fibre Pricing

24 Month

SpeedSetup FeeMonthly
10MbpsR 7,500.00R 3,199.00
20MbpsR 7,500.00R 4,655.00
30MbpsR 7,500.00R 5,626.00
50MbpsR 7,500.00R 7,082.00
100MbpsR 6,500.00R 9,024.00
150MbpsR 6,500.00R 11,018.00
200MbpsR 3,500.00R 11,989.00
300MbpsR 3,500.00R 12,960.19
500MbpsR 2,500.00R 15,872.00
750MbpsFreeR 17,814.00
1GbpsFreeR 24,640.00

36 Month

10MbpsR6 500,00R2 908.00
20MbpsR6 500,00R4 364.00
30MbpsR6 500,00R5 335.00
50MbpsR6 500,00R6 791.00
100MbpsR5 500,00R8 733.00
150MbpsR5 500,00R10 727.00
200MbpsR2 500,00R11 697.00
300MbpsR2 500,00R12 669.00
500MbpsFREER15 582.00
750MbpsFREER17 523.00
1GbpsFREER24 319.00

Fibre Product Terms and Conditions

  • Temporary licensed frequency microwave technology link available as an interim solution while Fibre is being deployed (Line of Sight dependent)
  • Guaranteed 99% operational uptime
  • Lead times: 3 – 6 months* * From date of successful application * Lead times are a guide based on averages * Lead times may vary as each client is unique
  • Limited to select areas around South Africa. Coverage Map
  • Subject to GeekBox Acceptable and Fair Usage policy.
  • Corporate Fibre is not available for aggregation.
  • Fibre base connection included in the per month rate above
  • Managed router excluded in the above price
  • Monthly pricing excludes VAT, once off configuration and installation fees
  • Product and pricing based on a 24 or 36-month contract term
  • Validity date: 1 February 2018– 28 February 2019